Umm hi?

Omg I literally cannot believe I'm writing here again. I know I know, y'all have so many questions and I'm going to try and answer them all in this post First of all, hey!! It's been so long and it feels so different writing here like...omg Where have I been?? School 😩but honestly I can't… Continue reading Umm hi?


My favourite drinks

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! So this post was requested and I decided to combine all of my favourite drinks. These are drinks that I make at home. Obviously, I have many more preferences but these are all homemade! Hibiscus Juice This is probably my favourite, because I've been making this… Continue reading My favourite drinks

blogging basics

Blogging Basics- Tips for beginner bloggers | Ep 1

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Recently, I've been receiving quite a few questions about what new bloggers should do to get their blog noticed. And it wasn't until I wrote this title that I decided to start a series, to share all my knowledge and experience as a beginner blogger!… Continue reading Blogging Basics- Tips for beginner bloggers | Ep 1


The Outstanding Blogger Award

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog and this post is yet another award 😊I want to thank Arabella for nominating me and make sure to check out her amazing blog and show her some support! Omg, my brain just processed the title and woah, outstanding?!?! Thank you so much!! The rules Provide… Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award


My Favorite Makeup Products.

Hello everyone! I'm back with another post which actually contains affiliate links. So, I will write another post in the near future, explaining about my affiliate experience. Make sure to click on these links and purchase the items, that will mean the world to me! So, let's get straight onto the post. I actually don't… Continue reading My Favorite Makeup Products.


I’m back! | What have I been up to? | Life update.

Hello everyone! I'm glad to be finally back to writing. Thank you to everyone, who has supported me in literally everything. So, during this break, I have been doing quite a lot, hit a few milestones, and I think i'm ready to come back to writing again. I feel like i'm in the right headspace… Continue reading I’m back! | What have I been up to? | Life update.


Never Have I ever! ~ Collab with Brin

Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another post and I'm really excited for this one. I am collaborating with Brin from Central City Girl and we decided to play a game (which you already know by the title) Today Brin will be answering my questions for her and If you would like to see my answers,… Continue reading Never Have I ever! ~ Collab with Brin


Storytime: How I started blogging

Hello everyone and welcome to my post! Today I'm going to be talking about how I started blogging. You may or not know, I started this particular blog back in 2016. But recently started posting on it. I started posting in February of 2019 which is over a year ago. My first post was inspired… Continue reading Storytime: How I started blogging


What to do during Quarantine (Tag!)

Hey lovesπŸ‘‹! Literally YouTube is full of these videos and I figured why shouldn't this be going around the blogging world?? I've figured most of you have probably already done this or anything related but hey lets make this a tag!!! The rules for this tag are simple: Thank the person who tagged you and… Continue reading What to do during Quarantine (Tag!)


Beauty hacks~Collab with Sophie

Hello everyone, today's post is a collaboration with Sophie from "Sophie's Corner". I really enjoy reading her posts and am sure you will too. This post is basically a list of our favorite makeup hacks. I'm going to put Sophie's at the top and mine after. I hope you enjoy! Sophie's hacks: Use white eyeliner… Continue reading Beauty hacks~Collab with Sophie


Is it possible to outgrow a friend you have known since kindergarten?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Honestly, am loving this consistency I mean it's not perfect but at least i'm trying right?😏 So this post is basically for May Flower who is a new blogger and she asked me to write this post for her.She also inspired another post which is going to… Continue reading Is it possible to outgrow a friend you have known since kindergarten?


Morning tips: How to start off your day ft. Kitty Jade

Hello everyone!! Hope your having a great day..... and if not, I'm here to make tomorrow better😎 (cool slide in right??😏). So basically what am doing today is a morning tips video on how to start off your day and be more productive etc. Today's post is a collaboration with Kitty jade again!!! I am… Continue reading Morning tips: How to start off your day ft. Kitty Jade


10 things to do in Autumn~collab with KittyJade

Hello loves, So as you can see in the title, I have been working on a collaboration with Erin from KittyJade. It was so much fun working with her and we've come up with such an amazing post. Honestly Erin, I would love to do this again. So for this post, I'm gonna give you… Continue reading 10 things to do in Autumn~collab with KittyJade


Happy Birthdayyy Gurl!πŸŽ‰

Thank you so much Srisha, and everyone else, make sure to play this game nowwww. Follow her blog as well!
Thank you xx

Sky and Soil

Hello there fellow humans from a planet called The Earth (Jeezus, I sound like the alien from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom) BEAUTIFUL BAGUETTES!!! Look at da titlleeeeee, it’s A FRIKIN BIRTHDAYYYY!!!! A. BIRTHDAY. The excitement is igniting inside of me, so imma spill it all out!πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ *throws confetti…again.* *gives you all birthday caps and puts hers on*

NO.1 THING ABOUT ME…well two cause the first one is I love baguettes ANYWAY *goes into serious mode* I. TAKE. BIRTHDAYS. VERY. SERIOUSLY. πŸŽ‚ 🎁*needs very single birthday emoji she can get*


















SO! Let’s get right into the blog post!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOO….THE ONE. AND. ONLY. ROSEEEEEEEE!!!!! Her blog is super duper, baguette duper AWESOME! So check it out right here!

First of all I would want to say….ROSE! WHY THE BAGUETTES DID YOU NOT TELL ME THAT IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK?! And then I would LOVE to say/singπŸŽ€β€¦

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