10 things to do in Autumn~collab with KittyJade

Hello loves, So as you can see in the title, I have been working on a collaboration with Erin from KittyJade. It was so much fun working with her and we've come up with such an amazing post. Honestly Erin, I would love to do this again. So for this post, I'm gonna give you… Continue reading 10 things to do in Autumn~collab with KittyJade


Forgotten thanks

Hey everyone…

I’ve been reading this blog and it’s really great. For once, i fall in the same category as Zoella (Zoe Sugg) which is Inspiration for a blog. I’ve actually inspired quite a few bloggers and i love that. So am going to use this as another inspiration to anyone else. INSPIRE.

~Girl Online

Online Person

12 June

Hello anyone thats reading!

I have forgotten a thanks to add! A big thanks to Zoella for the inspiration for this blog! And a HUGE thanks to Rose who is also a big inspiration for this blog! That’s all I have to say for now….

Online Person going back to reality xxx

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